New Phone Ordered, going on 12 hours now waiting to activate

I received a new Thunderbolt in the mail today because there was damage to my old one. Been waiting 12 hours now to activate the thing. I called customer support and they told me up to 2 hours, that was at 1:15pm.  I am a small business and rely on my cell phone and I have missed out on SEVERAL jobs due to this "outage." How is this possible when I pay almost 250 dollars a month for a family plan ? The past month I have missed SEVERAL calls, and for those who say this doesn't effect voice, you're wrong it does. I have missed close to 30 calls which is documented this month alone, the only way I new was the missed call icon on the top of the screen. I am beyond **bleep** and I have to say that I have always liked Verizon but when it comes to my business and family and missing all these jobs I have a serious problem. Why can't anyone from Verizon explain why they are screwing me into the ground ????? 

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Re: New Phone Ordered, going on 12 hours now waiting to activate
Verizon Employee

BriGuy79 I hate to hear you're having problems with the Thunderbolt. Let’s see if we can resolve this issue for you.

Are you still experiencing the issue with activating the device? If so please remove your battery and Sim card reinsert and retry.

How about your issue with missed calls? Are you missing calls at a certain location or is the problem more widespread? Does this happen inside a building only? What is your signal strength on your device?

I value your business and want to work with you to get this resolved. If you are still experiencing issue with missed calls, please send me a DM with your mobile number. This will allow me to look into your account settings and your area.

Thank you


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