New Tower in Phoenix
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Since I have come on here and blasted Verizon in the past, I figured I owe then a kudos.  I work in Phoenix near the airport.  Usually I cannot get a good enough wireless signal to stream radio stations (part of this is the building I work in is made to withstand a direct hit from a commercial passenger jet).  Usually I can get 1 and in some cases 2 bars of 3G.  Imagine my surprise when earlier today I noticed that I am now getting 3 to 4 bars of LTE.  I hope this keeps up and is not just a fluke.  If it does stay this way thank you Verizon.  If not I will be sure to let them know.

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Re: New Tower in Phoenix

Hey that is Great to hear:  when a New Tower is erected and is up n running.. to help provide service..