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We switched to your new unlimited plan some weeks ago after visiting relatives smoked our 16 GB limit. The "new " plan was virtually useless after we exceeded the 10 GB and dropped to 3GB speed. We then went back to your 8GB plan. Now we have reached that limit to find that the next step is to go back to Unlimited or pay $15 for each additional GB. We are in zip code 68792 where phone coverage is poor on a good day. We are actively looking for another carrier.

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Re: New Unlimited Plan

The choices online are only up to an 8 GB data amount or unlimited. If you call in to Verizon or stop by a store, you will have the option to select a higher data tier than 8 GB for a metered plan.

Re: New Unlimited Plan
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We certainly want to make sure that you have everything that you need. We do offer a 16GB for $90.00 and 24GB plan for $110.00. If you do not want to switch back to the Unlimited plan, then I suggest one of these two will fit your needs.

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