New Upgrade Policy

2 years ago I upgraded my cell phone using my available mifi upgrade. Now I am trying to upgrade to the Galaxy S5, again using my mifi upgrade. Verizon is telling me that they do not allow upgrade sharing. That is a complete lie, considering that is how I upgraded my last phone. Is there a way around this, I really want the S5 now. I don;t see what the problem is if I use my upgrade for a new mifi or cell phone, either way I am locked in with Verizon for another 2 years. Has anyone else had this problem, and how did you handle it.

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Re: New Upgrade Policy
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Community Leader

The policy changed last April; upgrade sharing is still allowed, but only within the same equipment category, i.e., you can use a phone upgrade to purchase a new phone, but you can't transfer upgrades from non-phone devices such as a mi-fi.