New VZAM Update. Question As Well?
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I just saw that there is a new VZAM v.7635 [2642k] for the Pantech. I did not look to see about the other models, but I am sure there is.

After I hit the Run Setup.exe file it told me to close VZAM, which is to be expected, but afterwards it told me to plug in the modem and start it up. I plugged it into the same USB port as before and it appears that the MS drivers loaded, not the Pantech drivers it appears.

Also, the new version did not save any of my settings, except for my WiFi Access Points. Of the dozens and dozens of times I have installed VZAM over the years I cannot remember if it saved this info..... Old age!


BTW, the update is supposed to help with the device stabilities, more accurate signal/power readings, VPN, etc.


Thanks Verizon for the updates!


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