No 4G LTE or EVDO data in Mac-Grove (St Paul, MN)

I have tried to access wireless data on two devices, a Moto G4 and an LG G2, and neither seems to be getting any data service at my house. Both RootMetrics and OpenSignal cannot run tests despite 3 bars of data and full 1X service. I have attached screenshots of the two apps as well as several anomalous data points on RootMetrics. Settings are correct as the G2 was a Verizon phone and both work flawlessly at the UMN campus, even in basements.

OpenSignal_SpeedTest.jpgScreenshot_20170801-173741.pngVZW 1.PNGVZW 2.PNG

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Re: No 4G LTE or EVDO data in Mac-Grove (St Paul, MN)
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We're sorry to hear that you were experiencing these problems. We know how important it is to have a reliable connection. I took a look at our outage reports as well as our customer cases to see if anyone else had called anything in from that area. Neither had any record of a problem in this area. Are you still experiencing the trouble?


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