No 4G LTE signal near my building

I signed up Verizon service today. Before signing up, I did check their wireless coverage map near my place to make sure they have 4G LTE coverage near where I live. However, it turns out..... I only get 3G date speed near my building (outside), and I have 2 or 3 bars most of the time.

Location: Zipcode = 27705, near Erwin Rd. and S LaSalle St. Just outside Duke University.

I did have 4G LTE elsewhere, for example, on my way back home from the Verizon Store (27701) where I signed up my service.

I tested my speed at home (, and the result is so bad, much worse than my original T-Mobile service (2~5Mbps) or my husband's AT&T service (~20 Mbps). Verizon has only <1 Mbps on its 3G network.

I am very disappointed, as I am switching to a much more expensive service while getting much slower internet....

Can Anyone help me?? Please!!

Thank you so much!!!


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Re: No 4G LTE signal near my building
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Tangsi717, we want to ensure you have great speeds at home and any where you go. Have you done any troubleshooting on your device to correct this? What is the make and model of your phone?


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