No 4G bars in Oak Park, CA
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We now know, no thanks to Verizon support, that after the CA wild fires a tower burned and Verizon never did replace it with a permanent one.  Instead they put a mobile tower somplace and our 4G has never been as good since.  But then they moved it a month or so ago and we almost lost service completely.  Now today we get no bars at all and it isn't like Verizon would ever alert us to why this might be.  But then how would they?  I haven't yet found an easy way to report an outage online like you'd expect for any company in the business of communication.  Pitiful.

Re: No 4G bars in Oak Park, CA
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We are sorry to read that you are having issues with service in your area, and we would like to help. How far do you have to travel before your service improves?