No 4G or 3G in downtown SF ALL MORNING

Seriously, is there an outage or something?

I feel like Verizon's coverage has gotten progressively WORSE over time--shouldn't it be getting better? When I first started my job, the coverage was awesome-- I always had 4G in the office. Over the last 7-8 months I lose it sporadically.

Today I have had ZERO coverage, and I'm in the same office I've been coming to for the last few years. So unless they chopped down a tower or something, I don't see how this is possible--that one day I have awesome coverage and the next day I have shoddy coverage, and the day after that I  have no coverage whatsoever.

I used to brag about how I'd get coverage when all the snooty iPhone people with their AT&T plans couldn't get any. Now looks like I'm the idiot.

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