No 4g connection, 91706

i used to live in DC where the 4g connection on my Thunderbolt was super nice. Came back to baldwin park 91706 area in SoCal and now i never pick up a 4g connection.  Yes, i've checked the map in the area and its dark red on the map, meaning i should be getting it.  But my phone is stuck on 3g.  Occasionally I would go to a different area and notice the 4g icon on my phone, but no internet connection when i try it out and i have to wait until 3g kicks in. 


Yes, i've tried:


- Battery pull

- SIM card pull

- Full phone wipe and reboot

- Toggling Radios (setting to LTE only, yada yada)


Ironically, all of my other friend's phones (AT&T and T-Mobile carriers) all carry a strong 4g signal in my area. ....Really?


I would love to try and test the phone in a "strong" LTE area, but i feel like it's a shoot or miss.  I've tried the fullerton area, LA area, Anaheim area, Chino area, etc etc.  Everytime i try to see if I get a 4g connection in another area, it FAILS. 


Any ideas? 

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