No New Jersey!!!???
How the hell can your headquarters be located in New Jersey and you don't have one area covered? I'm not talking the outskirts of philly or ny. I'm talking Atlantic city, Vineland, cape may, Newark...and so on. Jonesboro Arkansas? Seriously? They have phones there? Come one man. Give us some love.
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Re: No New Jersey!!!???
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I was wondering the same thing hahahaha. I have some decisions to make. My contract is running out soon. it seems from the AT&T map that at least certain areas in NJ are lit up with 4G. The verizon coverage map that includes the planned towers for 2012 are still nowhere near me ( jackson by 6 flags).. I have seen 4g on my t-bolt 1 time when i was outside trenton. other than that never. I wish I knew they had no plans for 4G in NJ before I bought my T-bolt. it is like having a ferrari with a 4 cylindar engine. looks good but slow as hell. I am also cheking out sprint for the unlimited data plan. Verizon totally screwed me out of my unlimited plan when I activated my thunderbolt. Now i am capped at 2 GB. That alone is probably going to make me switch on principle alone.