No data in congested area

Since January this year I have had issues with NO DATA when others get into work.  There are about 1500 people working where I do (base) and it is OK early in the morning and late in the afternoon.  What I don't understand is my cube neighbor has the same phone, same network (Verizon) and although she complains that her data is much slower I have nothing. 

I have tried switching to my old phone.  I have recieved an new SIM card.  I have gone thrugh the troubleshooting at least 20 times on the phone (same steps each time), I have been told a technician will look at the tower and get back with me (never did) and I am out of options.  It is apparent that for some reason my data gets cut off when others are slower.  There are obvious congestion issues with this tower.  But it seems Verizon does not really care to research let alone resolve this issue.  Is there anywhere here I can turn before I have to take an account of 5 phones that I have had over 10 years to another provider?

Re: No data in congested area
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