No data on Band 2 during the day
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Since Verizon began switching its 3G network over to LTE Band 2, trying to use data during the day at work has been extremely bad to unusable. The ZIP code is 35808. I check my signal using LTE Discovery, and most of the time, I am on Band 2. Before the switch, I could use Band 13, and although the bandwidth was not great, it was serviceable. Now with Band 2, it is unusable during the day. If I am really desperate to access the internet, I have to switch my phone to "1X" (Yes, that is correct) because connectivity is now so bad.

Band 13 still works good in 35808 ZIP code; however, Verizon is forcing everyone onto Band 2, and with the number of user in the area, it cannot handle the load. I have an old HTC One M8 that I am testing right now (i.e. no Band 2 support), and I am getting decent download rates using Band 13. If my Nexus 6p switches to Band 13, I get good bandwidth too.

My question is, why are users being forced onto Band 2? This is unacceptable as we have no service during the day. I have to handicap my Nexus 6p (i.e. “1x”), or move my SIM card to another phone to use data. When can we expect this to be fixed? It has been going on since November of 2016, and it got worse when Verizon started its Unlimited Data plan!

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