No reliable coverage without wi-fi

Our coverage is very poor in most of our neighborhood and we often cannot make, sustain, or receive calls until we go out to the main road. Additionally, if our wi-fi is down (we just had a major Comcast outage a few days ago), we cannot even send texts. This is hugely frustrating and, if we'd had an emergency during the 24-hr outage, we couldn't have called out from our house. We live in a very busy area with lots of coverage--except in our neighborhood. We're not really sure what to do but feel very frustrated that we pay a lot for cell coverage that is totally reliant on working internet. We could never even consider going to Verizon internet with our current coverage. Anyone have this issue or any troubleshooting ideas? 

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Customer Service Rep

I’m saddened you’ve been having trouble. We’ve sent a Private Note, so we can assist further.