No service at my house, 5 days to receive a voicemail, so far no help!

I have no service at my house, takes 5 days for voicemails to come through! I have been on the phone with Verizon support for over 4 hrs on 4 different calls. I can't receive a text, much less make or receive a call. Only answer they can provide is they will return your call after they consult with a supervisor..... never receive a call back, I always have to call. Everytime their answer is I need a Network Extender, but want me to pay $150 or $100, the lastest answer is that service might get better when the leaves fall off the trees, so now I pay every month, but have blotchy service when the leaves are off the trees? WTF??. Om, I pay over $200 a month for service, I don't feel that I should have to pay for anything else. Heck, if they did give me a network extender, they would still have to use my internet connection. The lastest on the extender was that because I am employed by a company that gets a discount (less than $7 a month off) they can't give me any more discounts...... What about my 4 hrs of time? Verizon use to be a top notch company when I started using them 4 yrs ago, but now, 2 thumbs down! I will be looking to move my 3 phones if something isn't resolved in the near future & I will pass it on to my employer (1600 employees) the way I was treated!

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I'm sorry you are having so many issues with service at your home collier1278. I know the issues are frustrating along with trying to receive assistance to resolve this issue. I also know that cost is important and the Network Extender can be costly but we think it will definitely help improve service inside your home. We work on our network every day and we hope to improve some areas that are having issues so you can continue to enjoy your service with us. Please let me know if you have any questions about the Network extender, how it works, or cost ?

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