No service or limited service in zip code 43334

Today I woke up to my mifi not having any data service at all and all of my family's phones having 1x or no service at all. I know it's not our devices because we drove an hour north of our house and all of our phones worked fine. Service has not gotten much better since we got home. And calling tech support was a joke. I realize that it's a holiday,  but there is something obviously going on in our immediate area. When I did talk to someone they basically said that it has something to do with all of our devices. Really? ??? No it's the terrible service that we are getting. And I am tired of being told that it's not Verizons problem.  I am very close to switching even if it means paying out of pocket. Is anyone else experiencing a lot of network issues lately?

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I am very disheartened to hear of the troubles you've been experiencing in your area as of late. The last thing I would want to see is you walking away from us over this. Lets dig down to get to the bottom of this. What kind of phones are you using? How long has it been going on like this? Are you noticing a difference indoors compared to outside?
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Good morning Bryan. Thank you for taking the time to email me. Our service

came back this morning about 2 hours ago (7am Eastern time) It was

affecting our Android phones, my daughter's iPhone, mine and my wife's

iPads and our MIFI router. So it wasn't specific to any phone or platform.

It was across the board. However, when we drove 50 miles north or 30 south,

we had a good strong signal. So this was in the area where live (zip code

43334) We always have a 4G signal with at least 3 bars (good for where we

live) and that is pretty typical. But yesterday into this morning, we had

either no service at all or at the best 1x and even that was very spotty.

So whatever had happened, they apparently got it fixed. It's just very

frustrating when I have 11 lines on my account and pay all of that money

every month and I can't get a straight answer out of anyone about what is

going on. If there was an outage, I think Verizon should have put something

on the website stating so. At least some of my family and friends would

have seen it and somehow let us know. But that is just my opinion. Thanks

again for emailing me. I will keep an eye on our service today and see if

it happens again. Have a great day.

Geoff Price

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