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up until about a month ago I had a really good service (4G LTE) but lately I can't seem to stay connected to anything. I'm constantly fighting no service  notifications. Same location same routine same neighborhoods  just no service.  Can you please provide the proper settings? Currently I am using LTE/CMDA. It really doesn't though when I change it to though it's all pretty bad.  This is for my Samsung S6 edge plus. I haven't noticed any problems with the hotspots or other phones. Any information you can give me would be great if there's a proper contact number for me to call thank you

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Re: No service
Verizon Employee

It is frustrating not having the best service when you had good service a month ago, FeralCat. Let me help to get this service issue fixed. What’s your zip code? Are other people having the same issues? Since you asked for a contact number, we can be reached by   dialing *611(send) on your mobile device or at 800-922-0204. Also, you have an option to reach out to us on Facebook at this link .   Please share more details so this can get resolved.

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Ed W

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