No signal

When cell phones were becoming popular the only provider that was any good was Verizon in Franklin NC. Especially in the mountains outside of town. Up to 2 years ago the signal was so good we dropped our internet provider and became solely Verizon home with MiFi. Unfortunately, last year the signal began to decline. This wasn't a big deal, because we were still able to brows. We just needed to be patient for each page to download. 2020 has only gotten worse. The signal is so bad we can't make phone calls or send text messages during daylight. And forget web browsing during the day. Called for an explanation and was told a cable was cut in our area.  Could someone please explain why we have a signal at night then? Considering for the first time if Verizon is still the best for our area. 

Re: No signal
Customer Service Rep

BennettCB We certainly appreciate your loyalty and want you to have the best possible coverage. Many factors outside of Verizon's control can contribute to indoor performance even in cases where you may have had service in the past. Let me ask a few questions. Does this happen at a specific location (indoors/outdoors)? Are you still able to use data/text? Have you notice if this happens at a specific time of the day?