Non-Existent Coverage

I was in UT (Kanab, Torrey and Bluff); Mesa Verde, Durango, Ouray, Silverton, CO; and Albuquerque, NM for a 13-day trip. Other than Kanab, unless I could login to free WiFi, I had no phone, texting or internet service - nor did anyone else I met who had Verizon. I use a Pixel 2, 4G LTE. However, my friend, who has Consumer Cellular, had no such problems no matter where we were - even in the mountains.  This is totally unacceptable, especially given what Verizon charges and their boast of the best coverage. Evidently this has been a serious problem in the Durango area for years and nothing has been done to correct it. Such unreliable service creates unsafe situations due to the inability to communicate. Is Verizon doing anything to fix this issue?