Norfolk naval base so data speeds
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During daytime hours while everyone is at base for work.  Speeds on the Verizon LTE network are at or near zero.   My cell phone is conceted with LTE with four bars to a Verizon tower.  The connection is so bad that I have had better 1x speeds.   Is there any way the company can add more towers or other technologies to improve speed in this area?   This problem is not limited to me or my phone as all the people I work with that have Verizon experience the same slow speed. 

Re: Norfolk naval base so data speeds
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Getting service to those who serve our country is especially important, Omega3fattyacids. Thank you for serving! It means the world to me. You’re quite right in that having four bars of signal doesn’t equate to slow service for data. We’d like to look into this further. When did you start seeing the slow speeds on base? To get a better understanding, what happens when you and your comrades make and receive calls? What about when you send and receive texts?



Re: Norfolk naval base so data speeds
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I definitely get this too on Norfolk base, it’s crazy. This is a common complaint from my Verizon coworkers...who I know because we all gripe to each other. Full LTE bars, I can make calls, but occasionally I even have to push an iMessage as a text to get it to send. This is outside of buildings too. Simple webpages like google stutter at loading. This has been going on for the 7 years I’ve been here.