Novatel Wireless MiFi4510L won't connect after restart

I'm having a weird issue with my Novatel MiFi4510L: Many times, when I power it on, it does not appear to power on the Wi-Fi radio. It starts up normally, shows the antenna bars, the purple/green LED blinks and settles on green (LTE), but nothing can connect. It doesn't appear in WiFi scans on my Mac, iPhone, or iPad. It's like it's ready to go but won't power on the WiFi radio.


I was initially able to solve this by resetting the device using the pinhole in the battery compartment. But now it reocurrs sometimes even in 100% default settings. Right now, for example, I can't connect to it.


I'm running the latest firmware (updated on the Mac). 


Any suggestions? Is it just defective?


Thank you!

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Re: Novatel Wireless MiFi4510L won't connect after restart
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I suggest lowering your 802.11 mode to B+G and see if the situation improves.


Change the 802.11/Wireless Mode

  1. Sign into your MiFi
  2. Click the Wi-Fi tab
  3. Change the 802.11 mode from B+G+N to B+G
  4. Click Apply
  5. Test your connection

Other issues where the SSID is missing can be related to too many interfering/competing wireless channels in the area.  You could try running a site survey with a online tool to see if your wireless signal is beeing drowned out by your neighbors.  I like to use the steps provided by LMal in this situation.  Please note that you will need an alternative internet connection to complete the site survey.


Disappearing SSID:

1. Use a wifi tool like ""

  a. Find wifi networks in the area where you are having a problem.

2. See which channels and 802.11 protocols are least used.  

  a. In my case only channels 1,6 and 11 were being used and all were 802.11 B or G.

3. Make a note of above.

4. Connect MiFi to Verizon in non congested area

  a. The SSID should be broadcast 

5. Navigate to http://mifi.admin.

6. Change wifi settings to something that will work in your congested area.

  a. I chose the 802.11n protocol and wifi channel 4.

7. Try MiFi in congested area.