Oh My God is this Slow..
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Greetings.. Just got a new tablet.. (Asus zen10) Right before that got a new phone (Pixel 2 XL).. The new phones seems to do okay on speed.. The tablet.. Absolut Garbage.. By chance.. When a friend of mine that workes for comcast was here recently.. He ran some benchmark test.. One Wifi and Mobile Data.. Interesting results.. Wifi had speeds of an avrige of 185 Mbps.. Sems ok.. Now Mobile Data thew fastest I have ever seen is 1.5 Mbps.. I think that is fine.. Personaly.. It avraged 60-90 Kbps.. Can not connect to Netflix, Comcast Go, Hulu and Youtube.. Wich is required at my work (Nothing Comes With Documentation Really Any More) You have Youtube videos insted).. My tablet has been reset at a verizon store all ready.. for an other problem.. If Somone Have Any Idea of what I Can Do.. If anything.. That would be great..

Sincerely Bob

Long Time

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Re: Oh My God is this Slow..
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I want to make sure that you can use your tablet the way you want to, Bob. In which zip are you having this problem? Is this happening indoors or outdoors? 

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