One of my phones is [removed] 92055. Verizon coverage is extremely bad - nothing even close to what your map displays. All other Verizon customers have same dismal results while watching others with other I

One of my phones is located at [removed] 92055.  Service is extremely poor, no where near what your coverage map indicates and very much worse than co-located folks with different ISPs. The inadequate service is shared by everyone who is attached to Verizon and completely opposite to those with other ISPs.  Voice calls are worthless - a lot of silence followed by brief bursts of choppy words.  Text messaging is the only service available.  Again, others with ATT or some other ISP are using Facetime, watching videos, and enjoying robust full service alongside the deficient Verizon peoples attempting to use their instrument.  This is in absolute conflict with your coverage map. Perhaps some of your equipment needs repair so that users are able to fully use their instrument?

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