Order cancel never refunded/Charging me for canceled, never received phone, on disconnect.

As title says. I placed and order for a new phone and to trade in my old one and the third party delivery said the couldn't get to my place and verizon customer service was less than stellar so I cancelled the order. A few days later I changed to ATT and disconnected my last phone and was told my bill would be just the payout of my pixel 6. Turns out the cancel was never properly processed even though I got a confirmation number and an email stating I wouldn't be charged for any merch. Verizon refuses to correct this even though every time I've called the CS rep agrees that the system made an error and cuts a ticket.


7/6 - Order # 14905501 for new phone and trade in for next day delivery by Asurion

7/7 - Asurion doesn't deliver

7/9 - Email saying Asurion couldn't deliver

7/9- I call to cancel and get conf #

7/10- I get an email with the same conf# 998053666978489 *no refund hits my account so I wait a few days

7/16 - I call to report the no refund for original order and confirm the ATT port canceled my service. They create ticket? and say final amount is just the 1 pixel 6.

7/16 get an email statement for the amount of the s23 I never received and the Pixel 6. Still no refund for original order.


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Customer Service Rep

Hello, Jeriin, thanks for reaching out regarding your order. So we can best assist, we will be reaching out via Private Note.