Over $3000 bill with no warning or real Usage!!
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Verizon Case
In speaking to Jack Reed and others at Verizon wireless, I’ve stated these facts.

1. In the 3 years that I’ve had this account, I have averaged less than 10gb per month data transfer.

2. In the 3 years that I’ve had this account, I have been reliably receiving emails stating my usage on my account and overage status.

3. Recently those emails have stopped coming.

4. In April I received a bill with $800 of overages.

5. In April I called Verizon enquiring about the overages.  Without the emails, I was told that the emails were only a courtesy and it was my responsibility to check myself before the end of the billing period.

6. Since those emails have inexplicably stopped coming, I have started checking my account on my own to prevent overages.

7. Before the end of the billing period, on about 5/19, I checked and saw that I had less than 5 gigs of data transferred.

8. Since I had less than 5 gigs transferred, I changed my account DOWN from the 20gb plan to the 6gb plan

9. On 5/22, i went into the store to add two Ipads to and remove two jetpacks from my account and was not alerted of any overages.

10. A few days later when the bill came out, it showed that I used over 100 gigs of data transferred for an overage amount of $2500.

My Concerns

I have drawn conclusions from these facts and determined that in my opinion:
• I did not transfer this data
• There is some technical glitch either with the equipment or the billing method
• I really should have been getting many warnings of excessive data usage before bills of over $3000 in overages were charged.
• I really DID see that I had less than 5gb of data usage before the 5/21 bill cut, or I wouldn't have LOWERED MY DATA PLAN. (I’m not Crazy)
• There is no way that I should see less than 5gb of usage and then a few days later get a bill for over 100 gb of usage!
• When Verizon sees a bill cooking up to being over $2000, someone should be making a call or throttling the account in case of abuse.
• The Rep in the store should see something and realize that something is not right when looking at my account.  How can you be making changes to the account and not say anything about two previous months of hundreds of dollars of overages?

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~VERIZON's RESPONSE~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Melissa on 4/16, Jack Reed on 5/27 and Michael on 5/28 at Verizon have stated:
• There is no way that Verizon can make a billing mistake on the account.
• There is no way that any technical glitch or error could have been made on the account.  These billing systems and devices are perfect and infallible.

Verizon cannot tell me any details about the actual data, including
o Any IP addresses involved
o Any Protocols or ports, whether HTTP, FTP, DNS SMTP, etc on port 80, 443, 25 etc
o Whether the traffic was predominately incoming or outgoing

There was actually a finding where due to my requesting and paying $500 for a static IP address, the overage emails cannot be sent out any longer.  They just figured that out on 5/28/14, even though I called about overages and not getting emails a month earlier.  Due to this, they were willing to negotiate last month’s overage bill of $800, but not the current bill of $2500

I'm sending this out because I know someone has information about how I can get Verizon to PROVE to me that I used this data.

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