my modem is Pantech UML290     .i  notice cannot play any online old 3g modem works perfectly with the same games but this new service as far as online games or this modem apparently has issues...i have had nothing but problems, high ping rates and packet loss as well as jitter and no one with the exception of 1 service tech apparently cares  TECH DID A PING TEST AT ADRESS  ping -a  result were request timed out 4 times, packets sent=4 packets recieved=0  pakets loss = 4 , total= 100% loss, funny thing is i was still connected to internet  and if you ping 0 paket loss...  apparently consistancy or server recognition might be a problem i dont know...maybe modem is bad...either way i cannot play any online games what so ever, when tested at speed and states high ping and high jitter as well as packet loss, no one seems to have an answer for this  note!! on old 3g device i had played these same online games without any this 4g modem and service advertises online gaming and steady streaming and i cannot do neither why???  someone plse help!!!  also if you look under vz access manager statistics tab, you will see transfer and recieve rates like a heart beat consistantly goes up and down like a heart beat instead of a steady flow, goes up as high as 10mbs then drops for a while to 0kbs and stays their for a lil apparently is loosing communications....old 3g device was a steady transfer flow rate that never dropped to 0 unless i wasnt doing why is this as well?

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