Permanent and Perplexing Account Bandwidth Throttling at .60 Mbps on All Plans

I live in metro Orlando and have had an ongoing account-wide challenge for months that I have been trying to resolve intensively over the last month with many, many support cases and Verizon has no way to solve it.

In an around my home my family's 3 phones reflect 3 and 4 bars +LTE. My data service on cellular was always fast even during very busy times. Around October we started to experience an insane slowdown in service, so I called customer service and was told it was probably congestion and I was non-prioritized. The rep offered me the opportunity to switch to another service. Since we weren't traveling or really leaving our home wifi network much, I decided to just leave it alone. About 45 days ago, we started traveling more and now I need fast cell data access. The problem is all three phones on my account (2 XRs and 1 11Pro) are throttled on cell data access at .60 Mbps. So I finally order both Play More and then Get More service. This is where things got really odd. I still have an ongoing data speed cap of .60Mbps.

I've been on the phone and opened case after case only to have the network and IT teams claim there is no issue. Here's what I have tried in addition to network and data resets, restarts and full iOS wipeouts and reloads on all three phones.

-Replaced SIM cards- No help

-Had a friend come over with a Verizon 4GLTE phone, confirmed data speed of 70+ Mbps in my home.

- Drove to my Verizon store and swapped my SIM into a display SR- The display the showed the .60Mbps limit while the store rep for one moment hit 120Mbps.

-Opened a case and uploaded logs to Apple from my SR and learned there were no issues in the various logs.

I have determined that there is an account level block on data speeds on all of our family phones and that Verizon has no way to trouble shoot and resolve.

Does anyone have any advice here? Verizon has been unable to even confirm the issue at support but its been confirmed in my store visit with multiple phones.