Play More Unlimited - 4g LTE slow

I recently upgraded to the Play More unlimited plan  last week as my network seems very congested (Baltimore, MD). I was experiencing download speeds of about 2.33 mbps on the Start Unlimited plan. I have only used 3.61gb this month so I should not be slowed down by the network congestion. Today my speed is ranging between 0.68mbps - 3.2mbps.

Re: Play More Unlimited - 4g LTE slow
Customer Service Rep

We always want you to get the speeds that you should be getting with us on your phone, autumnmae2. We are here to help.  


Is this issue happening everywhere you travel to or just at a certain location? What shows for the signal that your phone is getting from us? 


Also, when you changed your plan, do you know if you made the change to occur on that day, future dated the change or backdated the change?


We ask this question about how the plan change was selected since changing it on the day you requested would cause proration, so you would not get the full allowance of premium data and future dating would mean that you are not on the new plan yet.