Poor 4G LTE Coverage in 04401
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Previous to today I had spoken with Two Service Reps and a Technician.  I was told both times that they were looking into my issue of .01 to .02Mbps down speeds and .02 to .5Mbps up speeds.  Neither time was I informed that my area in the Middle of Bangor with Two towers within a mile of my house.  One is just Southeast and about .7 miles and the other is due North about 1 mile.  No large obstructions in the way.  I was promised a call back on Friday 14 Feb but had not heard anything so I called support again.  This time I am magically in a marginal coverage area, see above that that was never mentioned in the Two previous calls.  Add to that that the Supervisor I spoke to now says they will not give me a credit on my bill and the only solution to my issue is to come out of pocket $300 to $900 for a 4G signal booster.   I was also told that since this is a marginal coverage area they would Not credit my bill as was promised in the second phone call.  Basically we don't care enough to keep you.  I see now what my service to this country really means to Verizon.  Nada.

Angry In Maine