Poor 4GLTE service in almost entire Seattle Area

I used to have excellent service here in Seattle, but over the last year, my service has been abysmal!  Over most of the Seattle area, I get only 1 bar, or no service.  This is in Seattle proper, not the suburbs.

Here are the locations:

98155 (Lake Forest Park at my house) I get 1 bar if I'm lucky.

98109 (South Lake Union) 1 bar to 2 bars

98121 (Belltown, two blocks South of the Needle) 1 get 1 bar on my phone and none on my tablet.

The worst part of this is it sucks down my battery!  My battery last about 6 hours as the phone is constantly trying to find service!

I've even had problems when I'm traveling such as the following:

Boston near the airport.

Cambridge, MA

I'm about to switch carriers as this is becoming untenable, especially when I'm in a MAJOR METROPOLITAN AREA!!!!!

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