Poor 4g performance @ 3:30pm daily

Everyday for about a month now i have become aware that my 4G network performance has slowed to a crawl. this happens everyday at about 3:30pm. the speed tests that i have conducted show a reduction from 59.5/45.1 mbps  (up/down) to an abysmal .02/11.6 mbps as of today. these tests were performed in the same location in Mt. Juliet Tn 37122 with FULL 4G service. This is unacceptable that i can count on my network to go from working fine to virtually nonexistent with the amount that i pay for service. What is going on?

Re: Poor 4g performance @ 3:30pm daily
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We understand the importance of having data speeds you can rely on no matter what time of day it is. Data speeds can vary throughout the day and can depend on your plan, location, environmental factors and the condition of the network in the area. From what you're describing, it sounds as though you're experiencing the effects of network congestion since the issue is present at the same time every day. Let's look closer into what's happening. So that we can review the network surrounding you, please provide the cross streets of the intersection nearest you when this is happening. How far from the area do you have to travel before the speeds improve? What plan do you have for your line?



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