Poor Data Speeds 27410 and anywhere in High Point NC in General. Average 0.13 MPS DL and 1.5 MPS UL...

I work in High Point NC. My building is located around Highway 68 and Piedmont Parkway. I have spoke to tech support and customer service several times. They say that High Point is a marginal service area. In my office and outside, I average 11-13 MPS DL and 6+ MPS UL anytime before 730 AM. After that..averages nose dive down to 0.13 MPS DL and 1.55 MPS UL. This speed is horrific for customers with typical LTE bandwidth expectations. Streaming and graphic intensive apps lag and buffer incessantly. Somebody needs to fix this quickly. I pay a premium for Verizon service and expect premium performance. Epic fail to date. Verizon Service Issue Ticket #NRB000008417760

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Having reliable service is a top priority, jhtchnsn. I understand how important it is to rely on my data connection for my day to day activities. I was able to review the details for your network ticket. That area is a marginal coverage area and what you are experiencing is what can be expected in the area. Based on the additional information you provided it sounds like when there are more users on the network the speeds drop. This can happen as the network reaches capacity. I appreciate your feedback and I want to assure you our network engineers take this into consideration when detemining where to install additional cell sites. Was there anything else we can assist you with at this time?

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