Poor LTE Service in 03045

Hi, for well over a year now, LTE service in Merrimack, NH (03045) around 130 Daniel Webster Highway has been very poor.  Each day in the morning it seems fine, but by late morning we are unable to use phones for data.  Text messages, and browsing simply don't work or becomes very slow.  This is on multiple Verizon phones as confirmed by myself and coworkers.  I have a personal phone and work phone (different phone types) on different accounts and they both fail to work.  Changing the data option on our phones to 3G only fixes the problem, but then we can't take advantage of the faster LTE. This has become very frustrating, to the point I may have to switch providers as my phone is barely usable at this location where I work.  Thanks

Re: Poor LTE Service in 03045
Customer Service Rep

We never want this to happen, Janney66. Please send us a Private Note, this way we can investigate this further for you.