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Hi, in Green River, WY 82935, LTE/4g service is very slow and has been for quite some time. I have the iphone7 and even when I have full service, webpages are super slow to load or won't load at all. I even tried a speed test last night and it wouldn't even go. And it's not just mine, family members and friends have the same issue in the area. I am remodeling a house and we have slow motion races to see who's phone can get info from the home depot site, sometimes it's faster just to drive there 15 miles away haha. I'm sure I'm not the only one from the area that has complained. So is there anything Verizon can do? It's getting pretty old not having data. PS, had to use the work computer to write this because my phone wouldn't load the page. Thanks!

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Re: Poor LTE Service
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We want nothing more than for you to have the fastest data experience available in your area. In our initial look, we are able to see that depending on where you are in your zip code, you may be a considerable ways away from the nearest cell towers. This can seriously impact the service you're able to receive on your phones. However, we'd like to look closer, so we've sent you a Private Message to gather some additional information. Please check your inbox and respond to us there.


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