Poor LTE coverage Cotati CA 94931
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Hi!  LTE coverage is terrible in Cotat, CA 94931.  I can't even take a Zoom VoIP call (no video) on my street.  Doing some speedtest.net tests, I see 2 Mbps downloads but basically 0 upload bandwidth.  

This is outside on McGinnis Cir in Cotati, the entire street.


OpenSignal tells me I am connected to a tower 4 miles away, which seems pretty far for a dense suburb area.  Are there any plans to build a new tower in the idea?  I see one going in closer but I am unsure if it's Verizon?

Re: Poor LTE coverage Cotati CA 94931
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Good morning! Thank you for all the steps you have completed on your own. Our goal is to provide you with reliable service, and we are worried to learn you are having issues with calls while at home. To better assist you, please tell us a little more. Do you have problems indoors or outdoors? Did you recently move? What model is your device and is the software up to date?