Poor LTE data coverage in Palo Alto, CA 94301

I have never gotten stellar coverage in my home or my immediate neighborhood, but it seems to have taken a turn for the worse lately. Generally, I only get 2 dots out of five with the "LTE" symbol on my iPhone 5S. When I am walking around outside on the sidewalk, I'm lucky to get 2 Mbps download speed, and often there are long delays before I can open a web page on my phone's browser. Upload speeds are even worse, with numbers like .18, .87, 1.76 Mbps, and in one recent instance, even when I had 2.72 Mbps down, I got 0 (zero) upload speed, causing me to be unable to update data in various apps.

I would like to know how to report this for action by Verizon, not just get platitudes from VZ reps saying "we really want to help you" on this board. Is it possible to report dead/poor spots via the My Verizon mobile app? 

Where I live is not some isolated area, it's a dead flat part of a major metropolitan area.

Thank you.

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Re: Poor LTE data coverage in Palo Alto, CA 94301
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Yikes! This is concerning & glad that you have reached out to us here. Help is our middle name & let’s get this tackled for you quickly! I appreciate you providing your Zip Code. I’ve looked at our coverage map & it shows that you have pretty good coverage with a lot of towers in this area. With this being said, it is disheartening to see that you are having this problem. You mentioned that the service has been getting worse. When did the decline in service start to happen? Do you have others on your account that live in this same location with this problem? Or do you know others with Verizon Wireless that live in your area that have these issues? Do you have the most up to date software on the phone?

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