Poor Reception in Ashley Plantation Subdivsion Pace, FL - How do I communicate Info with Verizon?
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There was a post the other day on our subdivision social media site from a fellow Verizon Wireless customer that was responded to by at least 20 people and all were complaining about poor wireless coverage in our area.  All were complaining about the same issue which was that their calls would break up as the person on the other end was hearing every other word spoken and this is the exact symptoms that my  wife and I both share when we are in our home.

Although Verizon Tech Support suggested that we setup WI-FI calling which has helped some yesterday I found an app on Google Play called "Network Cell Info Lite"  which I installed.  This app was very revealing as it shows the RSRP signal strength and on a map shows the location of the cell towers that my phone was connected too while idle.

Last night while watching TV I would periodically check my phone and what I was seeing is my connection was bouncing from 1 cell tower to the next apparently trying to maintain a connection.  Pretty much the best RSRP signal I was seeing was -103 while most were around -115.  Another interesting thing was that the tower I seem to connect to on the map appears to be physically one of the most distant towers from my location while I seldom had a connection to the tower nearest to me.

Here are the GPS coordinates of the towers I was connected to:

LTE 32532-32590850-241 GPS 30.7164210 -87.3377509

LTE 32532-326-7489-180  GPS 30.6461424 -87.3015061

LTE 32534-32594177-438 GPS 30.6392332 -87.2490590

LTE 32532-32589569-177 GPS 30.5710276 -87.2540896

LTE 32534-32596481-267 GPS 30.5450201 -87.2695452

My concern is that according to a web site I found any RSRP signal that's <= -100 is on the very edge of reception and all of this bouncing around could be why myself and others in a subdivision of over 625 homes are complaining about poor reception and choppy conversations.  It seems to me that a company that prides itself on having the best network in the US among all carriers need to think about adding a tower nearby.

Is there some way in which I can communicate this info with Verizon?  Let me know.

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