Poor Service Downtown Crossing Boston

I have been a VZW customer for over a decade, the cellular and data service has always been very good. I do have a concern with the poor service in the downtown crossing area of Boston, MA (ZIP 02110).

I work in two different offices buildings in that area and the 4G and 3G service in and around the building is poor at best. On most days it is completely unusable. I could understand that the number of people working and visiting that area could drain the ability of the towers to handle the load, but this is a main financial center for the Boston area and there is a lot of people in need of reliable cell and data service. Is anything being done to address the lack of reception in this area? I am currently running on 1x on the 9th floor of an office building, even if I exit the building I do not see an increase in service. PLEASE ADD BANDWITH OR TOWERS!

Thank you

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