Poor Signal Areas in Pittsburgh
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I'd like to bring attention to two areas in Pittsburgh, PA that have little to no signal in areas that should not be so poorly served. 

The 800 block of Becks Run Road

The 4700 block of McKnight Road

Both of these areas are highly populated and not far from the city center.  I'm guessing in both cases the issue is terrain, but there need to be measures taken to overcome these weaknesses.

I personally have contacts who live and work in these areas every day, and I am completely unable to reach them by phone, text or data.  All of us have Verizon Wireless service and 4G phones that are one or two years old.  I have been in these locations myself and seen the same behavior on my phone. It's not a device issue, it's a service issue.

Please try to improve the service to your customers in these areas. 

Thank you.

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Re: Poor Signal Areas in Pittsburgh
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Or, they should have landlines. Cell phones were never deemed to be replacements for landlines.

Re: Poor Signal Areas in Pittsburgh
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We truly appreciate the heads up! Certainly our aim is to have a great service experience for all our customers. Please have your contacts reach us directly so that we can troubleshoot these weaknesses. We look forward to hearing from them!

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Re: Poor Signal Areas in Pittsburgh
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Verizon seems to have brought a new cell site online in the area you mentioned on McKnight Road. I've had dropped calls and unusable data in this area since I moved here two years ago. As of today, I maintain 4-5 bars of LTE all along McKnight Road and no longer drop calls.

Thanks, VZW!