Poor cellphone reception 03862

There is terrible reception on Atlantic Ave in North Hampton, NH 03862 (Rockingham County).  I've read several threads about poor reception and most people report that Verizon does not resolve the issue.  In an effort to see if I can work with Verizon to resolve the issue, I would lease space on my property for a cell tower. This cell tower should improve cell reception for everyone on Atlantic Avenue and the surrounding area.  Please respond and let me know if this is an option, and also if there is someone at Corporate with whom I could speak about this idea.

Re: Poor cellphone reception 03862
Customer Service Rep

Hi, there! Thanks for the message. We want to ensure this is all resolved. When it comes to placing a tower on your property, you can learn about the criteria for this, and find out how to get the process started here: https://www.verizonwireless.com/business/real-estate-inquiries/. Regarding your service, we'd love to help. Please send us a Private Note for additional support.