Poor connection quality in the Innsbrook area of Glen Allen, Va.

Hello, I called Verizon on last year about the connection quality of my service within my office building in Innsbrook.  They came out and saw the quality was low and recommended an indoor booster.  I originally thought it was only inside the building, however I could not make calls in the parking lot either on today because the signal strength is so low.

I am very disappointed that in the middle of one of the premier business centers in the city of Richmond, Verizon's call quality is so low.  They didn't seem to want to put any energy into fixing the problem either.  I guess it is because I am one guy complaining.  I talked to other coworkers on Verizon and we are all facing the same problem.  Do I need to get a petition signed or something?  Maybe strength in numbers may help me get some action.  As one of the nations largest wireless carriers, it is clear from their own engineers that the locations of their towers is not sufficient in this area.

Any suggestions on what I can do next? 


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Re: Poor connection quality in the Innsbrook area of Glen Allen, Va.
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sheltont no need to sign a petition, we're here to help! We want to make sure you are able to stay connected, especially for business purposes. Fill us in on the details, does this only occur in your office area? If so, what zip code is it located in? Did you purchase the indoor booster? If so, is it helping the connection inside of the building? We look forward to hear from you soon!

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