Poor coverage in Charlotte 28217
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I moved here 4 months ago and called about the poor coverage. The first ticket was closed saying someone checked with the phone I had at the time which was a RAZR Maxx and it was fine. I called again and was told that they were planning to add a tower here and they showed me in a null zone and acknowledged the poor reception. I upgraded to the Samsung Galaxy S4 in hopes the coverage in this area would eventually improve but it is still horrible. I had to buy a network extender because there is virtually no coverage in my apartment, the phone does not always connect to the network extender and most times the reception at home is still poor. I did get a Magic Jack.

I had a work phone also on Verizon but switched to AT&T for work and there is better coverage with them. Verizon is pretty good in other areas here but not where I live. Unless something changes soon I am considering calling to get out of my contract and move to AT&T. This is unacceptable with what I am paying monthly.

Can a representative look in to this? We can work together to see what is going on and if there is a timeline for improvement.

Thank You


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