Poor data speed or no data speed in 4G LTE for the last 4 months!

So let me get this straight: If I can't browse the web or do anything while my iPhone 5 is set at 4G LTE, I have to switch it to 3G? I thought Verizon had the fastest and best service coverage? I used to agree with this statement up until about 4 months ago, when I can no longer use the data on my phone (and dropped calls at times) while I'm at work. I work in a building attached to a mall in Michigan City, Indiana. Several of my co-workers who do NOT have Verizon, can surf the web all day long at amazing speed, while I sit and wait, and wait, and wait, and wait, and then.....nothing.

Has something changed within the last 4 months with Verizon? I have seen others make reference to that time frame as well.

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