Poor network performance at 2015 Indy 500
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While at the 2015 Indy 500 I had a lot of problems getting out texts or using any data services.  I rebooted my phone a few times and nothing helped until hours after the race when we were out of the city.  My issue is 4 other people with me have Verizon and had no issues my son has the same phone (S4) the only difference is they all have a new plan and my plan is unlimited data.  One person was able to use the Indy car app during the race update on facebook and so on.  Another friend used a MiFi hotspot shortly after the race and was able to steam a baseball game.  While he was streaming the game I tried a speedtest.net test using the app after it located a server I had a 564 ms ping time and download of 0.02.

I really think I was being very heavly throttled because of my unlimted data plan because nobody else that was with me had any issues.

I have read that verizon wont throttle unlimited data users by last weekend in my opinion shows they do.

Anybody have any thoughts?

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Having reliable service is definitely important so I completely understand your concern. Please keep in mind that in large events like this service can vary due to tower congestion. Thousands of people using their phones in the same area at once can overload the towers. Is everything okay with the service now?

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