Poor reception in and around home


We are closing on a new house and - while we've been looking at the house - noticed Verizon Wireless's service in and around the house is very poor.  The neighbors indicate this is a problem with almost all carriers and said that Sprint has the best signal in the area.  While I get the inside service may always be poor, I plan on resolving that with WiFi.  Unfortunately, that won't resolve the outdoor issues.  Is there a way to notify Verizon of the service issue and have it corrected?


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Re: Poor reception in and around home
Verizon Employee

We are so sad that the service at your new home is not as good as it should be, jasonwbryan. We are here to help.

What zip code is your new home located at? How far do you need to be away from the home before the service improves? What signal do you get at that location (strength and what type)?

Also, hearing that neighbors state that it's a problem with all carriers could mean that the issue is being caused by factors out of our control like terrain and foliage blocking tower signals, structures absorbing the signal, or no line of sight to the towers in the area.


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