Poor service - Zip Code 06371

We have experienced non-existent or VERY poor service in our beach community in Old Lyme, CT for several years.  Problems include no service, missed calls, delayed text messages (hours), dropped calls, inadequate service for internet access.  We have three phones on our plan that are virtually useless at this location.  All our neighbors on Verizon experience the same difficulty at people commonly walk the streets seeking one bar of service. Can anything be done to improve this situation? Will Verizon be installing a new cell site on the new tower on route 156 near Point of Woods beach association? Should I just try another carrier?  Thank you for any help you can offer.

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Re: Poor service - Zip Code 06371
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Hi BunnyOls,

We always want to provide fantastic service! It saddens me to hear that your experiencing service issues in zipcode 06371. This area has good coverage http://vz.to/1mfTMsf  but surrounded by bodies of water. Are you having issues in area located along the water? Is the issue primarily indoors only? You can purchase a personal in home cell tower (Network Extender) to assist with boosting signal in and around your home for this area http://vz.to/IHRT6h .

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