Poor signal for data and phone on my street

I recently moved to a new home. The cell service, and particularly data (4G,) is very poor on the block and in the nearby area. My zip code is 11598

I have tried contacting Verizon for help, but can't get connected with the right person to help with this type of problem.

We need a technician to come to the neighborhood and assess what can be done to strengthen the general service. To be clear, it's not a specific issue when inside my home, it's outside on the street.

I know there are factors such as where the cell towers are, traffic, etc., but this has to be something that can be fixed with Verizon's infrastructure. I literally moved 6 blocks away and where I lived before had no issues. Suggesting that I use my FIOS internet connection for wireless calling and data is not the solution I am looking for.

Can Verizon please help with this?

Re: Poor signal for data and phone on my street
Customer Service Rep

No one likes slow data including myself. You have reached the right person to help you. It seems like you have spoken to us before. Allow me to review your account.Please check your private messages. AmberF_VZW