Problems with LTE/3G data on iPad and Moto g6?
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On both my iPad 9.7 6th generation with LTE, and my Moto g6 Android, in some locations, even with a good strong LTE signal, apps that use data will tend to "hang", seemingly due to cellular network problems.

On my iPad, I just see several bars with LTE indicated, and *eventually* the data goes through.  My Moto g6 (Android) seems a bit smarter (different anyway), and when this happens, the LTE will switch over to 3G, and *eventually* the data goes through: apps start working.  The experience is the same on the iPad and Moto g6: it is just that the Moto g6 seems to provide more information about what is happening.  I ran some Android apps to monitor the cellular (not possible on iPad), which basically just told me that yes, the Moto g6 is switching back and forth between LTE and 3G.

The problem above is specific to some locations, like at the office.  I can actually see the (a?) cell-tower, and LTE signal strength is great, but I still have the problem indicated above.

In other locations, I LTE works great (though typically no more "bars" than my situation above), and it just works on both the iPad and Moto g6, no issues.

Initially I thought it was just that the Moto g6 (low-end Android) was a "dud", but since the iPad behaves *exactly* the same, I guess not.

Question:  Any thoughts on what I might be seeing?  LTE "congestion", maybe?  At work, where I get great signal strength, but still have the problem, I'm in a busy area with stores and apartment buildings.  Or, maybe something to do with Verizon getting ready to "dump" CDMA at the end of the year, and I'm seeing "burps" in some sort of re-provisioning of spectrum?

Again, this problem seems location-dependent, but even when it happens, I do have a strong LTE signal; at least according the the signal meters ("bars") on both the iPad and Moto g6.

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bassman3, we want to ensure you get the assistance you need with your speed concerns. We are always here and happy to help. Do you know what plan you are currently on?