Problems with LTE/HD calling

iPhone 6 user who tried LTE for voice and data and nor can't make outgoing calls without "all circuits are busy" message. Have switched back to data only, rebooted network, etc with no success. Area code 84049. Please help.

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Re: Problems with LTE/HD calling
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That is a strange message to hear.

This announcement occurs when calling a landline telephone number where the provider is having problems with their network or a network issue with the Verizon Wireless network.

Does this happen for all calls made to various numbers or 1 number in particular?

High-Definition (HD) Voice calling requires both parties:
-to be in Verizon 4G LTE coverage area.
-to have HD voice capable devices and be set for HD Voice to do simultaneous voice and data.

If you disabel the Voice and Data for Advanced calls does it work?


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