Problems with customer service STILL

Could someone please have lakeila Hallet from executive offices contact

me.I lost her contact information and it is very important that I speak to

somebody in the executive offices, because I am still having a lot of

problems with Verizon Wireless going back to July when verizon supended my

service when they were not supposed to. Ever since I reported to

supervisors that two customer service representatives kept me on hold for 2

and a half hours until they're shift ended I reported them. ever since then

I have been mistreated buy customer service representative as well as

verizon financial service representative they flagged my account and will

not allow me to make electronic payment and they took my upgrade

eligibility date from me because I had replacement devices sent out because

verizon ruined my devices. I also had a problem with billing when they

tried to charge me re connection fees when they weren't supposed to suspend

my service in the first place. I really need to speak to someone in the

executive offices because obviously no one at the customer service level is

willing to help me I was told today if I did not make a payment immediately

my service would be suspended and I just made a payment two fridays ago I

get paid once a month and ride is well aware of this why am I being treated

this way after I had been a customer for 3 phone number is 484

639 8318

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Re: Problems with customer service STILL
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I wish you luck...  I've been on the phone w/ V for a total of SIX HOURS over the past two days.  All I want is (a straight answer) to upgrade my plan and my device.

V is the WORST CS I've ever encountered.